Amalgamated Scrap Metal provide a Surat Scrap Metal service where we travel to you and weigh and pay you CASH onsite.

Surat Scrap Metal Dealers

Surat QLDAmalgamated Scrap Metal provide a Surat Scrap Metal service where we travel to you and weigh and pay you CASH onsite.

Types of Scrap Metal that We Accept

We collect, recycle and distribute only specific types of scrap metal which include brass, electric motor, copper, copper electric cable, stainless, radiators and air conditioning units.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT car bodies, steel or aluminum. We also reject other types of scrap metal if they are of very small weight or if their prescribed owner cannot fully comply with our business terms.

For our terms of operation with regards to a transaction to be made, you’ll get more information by contacting us via the contact details provided on this website.

Second Hand License Scrap Metal Dealers

We operate as second-hand license dealers as our employees are licensed to collect scrap metals from various local authority areas.

As mobile collectors, we conduct door to door visits for the clients who have contacted us to collect scrap metal from them. Clients can contact us via the contact details provided on this website and he or she will receive a friendly feedback from us in the shortest period of time possible which is usually a few hours in the case of email replies.

How We Collect Scrap Metals from Our clients

Amalgamated Scrap Metal collectors will send our staff to your location to analyze and weigh the scrap metals that you intend to sell to us.

We pay according to the type and weight of the scrap metal that you have. Of course, the more weight and the more valuable the scrap metal you have, the more money you get from us.

We guarantee you that provided that you are able to legally acquire scrap metals in large amounts and which fit the types that we deal in, you will continue to be among our most cherished business partners and you will get good pay for the scrap.

We make payment for scrap onsite in form of cash provided that it meets our listed types, our preferred condition and the minimum weight which is different for every type of scrap metal.

Minimal Pollution is a good thing for Surat

Mining and refining virgin ores creates environment issues such as ground water pollution, deforestation, and surface run-off of toxic chemicals when precipitation occurs.

When scrap metals are disposed in a landfill, they are an eye sore and take up valuable space that the public could have used for other more beneficial economical activities.

Recycling is highly beneficial economically compared to landfilling or incinerator. Compared to incineration, the recycling produces 36 times more jobs while compared to land filling, recycling produces 6 times more jobs.

The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metal

Home Improvement

When you recycle your scrap metal, you make your home a better place and earn cash while doing it. Scrap metal can be an eye sore once they accumulate in your yard, basement, or even your garage.

They also take up much of your valuable space while serving no purpose other than to remind you of what you used to own. Overall, when you recycle metal, you get more space and enjoy the beauty of a well organized home.

Lower Carbon Emission

Moreover, when you recycle scrap metals, you help to make the world a better place to live in. Recycling metals helps us to reduce carbon emission levels because we need less energy to recycle metals than to mine them. That will allow future generations to enjoy a more favorable climate.

Saves Resources

Recycling saves valuable resources we would have used to mine more metals and move them to industrial centers to meet market demands. That allows the economy to direct those resources into other forms of investment, which then helps to promote faster growth and create new jobs.

At Amalgamated scrap metal, we also want you to enjoy those benefits, and we are willing to help you achieve them with ease.

Overall, Amalgamated scrap metal is among the best scrap metal dealers to call for quick, reliable, efficient, and friendly metal recycling services.

We weigh your scrap metal and pay you while we are within your premises. Call us now to recycle your scrap metal and earn some cash from it.