Scrap Metal Buyers Sunshine Coast

Working with someone to haul your scrap can be stressful. We pride ourselves servicing the whole area of the Sunshine Coast, QLD as the best scrap metal merchants. We come to your worksite, and weigh and pay for your scrap instantly. You have to trust us to be honest with you.

We wont let you down. You make a deal and have to wait and see if other businesses hold up their end of the bargain. Working with Amalgamated Scrap Metal is not like that. We have a reliable, trustworthy and friendly staff that will be honest, work out a deal with you and follow through on our end.

You won’t be left with nothing when there was a deal made for scrap to be hauled and money to change hands.

Unfortunately, we do NOT trade in aluminium, steel, or car body/parts.

Cleaning up a property where metal has been left for awhile can be challenging. There may be various creatures that have made the piles their home. You may have to deal with overgrown weeds and grass since the piles made it a challenge to get the property mowed as it should have been. There may be some pieces that are hidden and can be a danger to those who start the removal process.

Sunshine Coast

A scrap metal business you can trust on the Sunshine Coast

Trusting experienced staff that does this type of work on a regular basis means you can be sure we know what they are doing. We expect certain hazards and issues and are prepared to work around them or avoid them when possible.

Working with private citizens can leave you open to a lawsuit if they accidentally get injured while removing your scrap.

Professionals understand the scrap metal business in a way that even those civilians who regularly handle scrap removal in their area can not quite grasp.

A staff member that works for a family business like Amalgamated Scrap Metal has the support and experience of the family to back them. You can be sure we are handling the project the right way, removing all scrap that can be handled by us and then directing you in the best manner to get rid of any junk that is left behind.

Scrap Metal Removal and Pickup

We have a reputation and focus of being the reliable company that everyone thinks of for scrap removal. Particularly in your area of the Sunshine Coast. We work hard to provide satisfactory and timely scrap removal.

Your property will be free of the unsightly junk piles in no time. That way, when you run into another situation where scrap needs removed, we are the first company that you think of to handle the project for you.

It is a mutually beneficial partnership, and Amalgamated Scrap Metal hopes to keep that interaction positive for both sides.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal wants you to know that we can handle your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you happen to have left-overs from a renovation, we will gladly handle these situations. Any eligible scrap metal can be entrusted to Amalgamated Scrap Metal to be removed and allow you peace of mind.

We also provide a scrap metal service for Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Sunshine Coast surrounding suburbs we provide a service for:

  • Nambour
  • Montville
  • Eumundi
  • Yandina
  • Woombye
  • Palmwoods
  • Kulangoor
  • Coes Creek
  • Kureelpa
  • Dulong
  • Kulangoor
  • Cooloolabin
  • Kiamba
  • Perwillowen
  • Rosemount
  • Burnside
  • Highworth