Scrap Metal Rockhampton

Amalgamated Scrap Metal Recyclers are a mobile scrap metal business that provides a service for the area of Rockhampton. We are reliable and trustworthy in dealing with our clients. As a family business, we know the importance of prompt service and reliability.

We know that you do not have lots of time to waste. We value the time you take off your busy schedule to scrap the metal items stored in your garage or backyard. rockhamptonWe rely on our clients to market us by word of mouth ones we help them scrap their old metallic items. That cannot happen if we are not reliable in our service or trustworthy.

It is with that in mind that we make sure we share all the information we have that can help you get the most out of your scrap metal items. That is why those clients we have served know us to be among the best family owned scrap metal business.

Second Hand Scrap Metal Licensed Dealers

We are second hand licensed dealers in the scrap metal business. What that means for you is that all we do is regulated and above board.

When we work with you to scrap your old items, we follow all regulations meat to protect the environment and the public.

We Come to You (Mobile)

As a Rockhampton Scrap Metal mobile service we come to you. When you order a new fridge, a microwave or a device driven by an electric motor, the supplier may offer to deliver it to you. What happens when the items finally reaches it end of life?

It becomes expensive to repair and no matter what you do, you find that it keeps failing. In fact, that is the trend with most items these days. They fail in about two or three years. That is where we come in; We are mobile and efficient scrap metal business.

Of course, we always need a reasonably amount of scrap to collect. We come and collect the following items or those that contain qualifying metals:

1) Copper Electric Cable
2) Copper
3) Brass
4) Electric Motors
5) Radiators
6) Stainless

You do not incur any cost when we come to do business with you. That is because our scrap metal business is mobile in nature. Just give us a call and we will come to your place and collect the scrap metal items. We chose those items because they require the least amount of energy to recycle.

That means they fetch better prices and create more jobs. Copper is especially useful and valuable because of its wide application in electronics and electric equipment. You can easily scrap copper from old electric wiring, radiator cores, gutter and down-pipes, electric motors, expansion joints, electric motors, and communication cabling.

We do NOT deal with car bodies/parts, steel, or aluminium.

Pay Cash for Scrap Onsite

We understand that time is precious to you and any waiting is a form of cost to you.

That is why we pay in cash when we collect they scrap metal items. You will not have to spend a second worrying about when you are going to receive your check. All we have to do is agree on the price, pay and leave. That is all. We hope this guide on the importance of recycling metals has been informative.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal looks forward to doing the scrap metal business with you.

Surrounding suburbs of Rockhampton we service

  • Wandal
  • Fairy Bower
  • West Rockhampton
  • The Range
  • Depot Hill
  • Allenstown