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Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal pickup business that travels to your site in Oxley where we pay you CASH for your scrap.

Scrap metal refers to discarded metal waste that can undergo reprocessing to produce new metal. Scrap metal can originate from industrial as well as home use. The processing of junk metal produces raw material (new metal) for production of other metallic products.

The benefits of recycling scrap metal

Metal elements exist naturally on the earth. Metals are thus a limited resource that we can one day deplete from the natural sources. Therefore, it is necessary that humans recycle scrap metal. There are other benefits of recycling scrap metal. Here are some of the benefits of recycling metal.
  1. Cheap raw material
    The processing of exploring, mining and refining metal is expensive which results in expensive metal products. The process of recycling scrap metal produces relatively cheap metal. Thus, products made from recycled metal. This does not imply that the quality of the recycled product is low. In fact, the quality is just as good as that of metal from the mining process. For example, car structures are made from recycled metal and these structures last long.
  2. Economic benefits
    Scrap metal recycling creates numerous jobs for people. A lot of buyers and sellers are dealing with scrap metal. This implies that people can earn and cater to their basic needs. The scrap metal industry also generates a significant amount of revenue to a country’s economy.
  3. Ecological benefits
    Waste metals may end up in landfills if not recycled. Some metals that end up in landfills risk polluting the environment. These metals can leach toxic substances to the soil, water as well as the air.
  4. Conserves natural resources
    Aside from recycling, the only alternative to get metal is through mining. Mining entails digging the earth and processing the ore through conventional methods. Mining has a lot of ecological damage. First, it creates deep and dangerous pits that can fill with water to become more hazardous. There is also a significant loss of natural vegetation habitats and ecological balance. Mining emits a lot of toxic substances that contaminate groundwater. Mining process consumes a lot of fossil fuel compared to recycling. Recycling scrap metal utilizes already existing metal. This implies that there is no mining, no damage to the environment and there is a considerable reduction in the energy consumed in recycling.
  5. Conserves energy consumption
    Mined ores need to undergo smelting to convert them into usable metals. The process consumes a lot of energy. On the other hand, melting down scrap metal utilizes little energy. For example, the method of recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy than smelting it from its ore. Recycling allows, more energy to be transferred to other areas of the economy that need energy such as transport.
  6. Reduces toxic emissions
    The amount of fossil fuels used results in the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Recycling requires little energy, meaning it reduces the production of carbon dioxide and other hazardous greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Scrap metal has a high value because humans can recycle metals and use them again. Scrap metal is around you, and you can convert it to money. For example, during construction, the electrician leaves behind pieces of copper wire, plumbers leave copper material from fixtures and others. Car batteries, radiators are also scrap metal. Often people often toss these items into the dump. However, you can contact
Amalgamated Scrap Metal Dealers and convert your scrap metal into cash.

About Amalgamated Scrap Metal Dealers

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a business family owned and friendly enterprise that deals with various kinds of scrap metal. At Amalgamated Scrap Metal we value business relationships with our clients. We provide family-friendly services to our clients with regards to buying or selling junk metal. Our experienced customer care offers the best services providing you with full information on our business and how we can best serve according to your needs.
· We are reliable and trustworthy
Amalgamated Scrap Metal dealers are trustworthy and dependable because we want you to attain the best value for your metal. To become reliable and trustworthy use certified scales that read the correct weigh for your metal. We schedule visits with relevant authorities to inspect and approve our weighing scales. This way, we can provide the best deals in the scrap metal business.

· Second-hand license dealers
Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a business that is licensed by the relevant authorities to deal in scrap metal. With our considerable experience, we are the best dealers with whom you can trade your scrap metal. We boast a team of experienced members. We deal in various metals including copper electrical cables, copper, brass, electric motors, radiators, air conditioning units, and batteries. Amalgamated Scrap Metal does not purchase car bodies, car parts, steel, and aluminum.

· We come to you
At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, we understand that metal is heavy and sometimes bulky. For this reason, we are mobile. We come to your premise and handle the task. Do not worry about fueling to our premise or loading the scrap metal. We will handle all these. You just need to contact us and schedule the ideal time for us to visit your premise. We will weigh, pay and carry the metal back to our yard.

· Pay cash for scrap on site
We understand you need money to deal with important issues or some emergency. For this reason and better service, we pay money for your metal on site. We do not request you to wait for payments. We have a rapport to maintain; we do not want disputes with our clients. We value our clients. We pay you as soon as we finish weighing your scrap metal.

· We weigh and pay immediately
We weigh and pay your money immediately we weight your scrap metal. This way, we make sure you get the best value and right amount of cash for your junk metal.

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Your satisfaction is our priority, and that is why many prefer trading their scrap metal with
Amalgamated Scrap Metal. We buy your scrap metal at the best rates compared to other players.