Scrap Metal Oakey

Are you searching for the best scrap metal buyers? Amalgamated Scrap Metal provide a Mobile Scrap Metal Buying service for the area of Oakey where we travel to your site and pay you CASH.

We live in a society where everyone knows at the back of their mind that one should recycle.

However, it can be easier to throw some items away because we truly do live in a disposable era. The garbage truck comes to people’s homes every week, reminding individuals that it throwing unneeded items in the trash is the most accessible measure of unwanted item removal.

With Amalgamated Scrap Metal, people have a service that they can truly trust. We will come to your doorsteps to get the parts that people want to recycle.

The best and perhaps most important part of this service is that we pay money for anything that we can take away.

We do this by weight, so you know that there are measures we use that are fair rates for what you are giving away. And we don’t make you wait for a check in the mail.

We trade the crap metal directly for cash upon us receiving your items.

People might wonder about the importance of recycling scrap metal. After all, it is easy to get lazy. But scrap metal is truly vital to the continuing manufacturing of new goods.

It can be melted and reshaped as many times as it is recycled. There is an entire economy of jobs built on it.
Also, resources can be limited. Rather than putting scrap metal in the incinerator, the metal is reused at much less cost than mining for new minerals.

Using recycled scrap metal uses 97% less waste that would otherwise be used in the mining process and leads to 40% reduced consumption of water, as a report from the National Institute of Health indicates.

Our company stands behind the principles of job creation and reduced energy consumption. We believe that this is what the economy is the world is built upon. It is much better to re-create than incinerate.

The result is a better earth for all. There is less greenhouse gas emitted because it takes a lot of energy to build more scrap metal from virgin ore.

We need to think about what we already have on the planet, rather than what we can mine from the earth.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a family owned and friendly business. You can expect prompt service that is orientated towards a common goal.

We are not looking to get rich off of anyone or to rip people off. We pay per weight, so what you get from us is a reliable measure every time. You can trust our mobile service.

Also, we are convenient because we travel to your site. This is perhaps the best feature of our offering. We understand that you are busy and do not have time to travel back and forth to recycle scrap metal.

We are second-hand licensed dealers, so we have all the certifications as well to get the job done according to industry standards.

What Scrap Metal we buy

  • Copper electric cable
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Electric motors
  • Radiators
  • Stainless
  • Air conditioning units
  • Batteries

Why Recycle in Oakey?

They have the best team members with experience in recycling scrap metal. This post looks at the importance of recycling scrap metal and why you should consider hiring the services of this company.

The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal has several advantages to the environment in addition to economic results. It’s one method that has been used for thousands of years as a more efficient process that processing new ore and mining.

Recycling prevents the dumping of metal in landfills and reduces energy consumption by preventing the extraction of new products. One benefit of hiring Amalgamated Scrap Metal is that they deal with several types of metal.

For instance, they deal with copper, copper electric cable, electric motors, brass, stainless and radiators. However, they don’t deal with car bodies, steel, or aluminium.

Another benefit of metal recycling is that it leads to the creation of jobs and helps in the paying of some community services, which results in making life better.

Scrap metal reusing reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy when compared to producing metal from virgin ore. It means that the best of dealing with your scrap metal is by contacting Amalgamated Scrap Metal buyers.

Friendly and Family Owned Business

At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best services. We ensure that what we give you are straightforward and efficient metal recycling services. Our family has hired the best and knowledgeable professionals in the metal industry. By contacting us, we ensure that you get the best quotes for metals such as brass, electric motors, radiators and copper.

Friendly, Trustworthy and Friendly

We offer you the best customer care service when it comes to dealing with your scrap metal. We know that you invested a lot when buying this material, which you now want to recycle. Our team will explain to you all the methods that they will use to recycle your metal.

We ensure that you get the best competitive prices, which will make sure that you meet any pressing financial needs if you have any.

Oakey surrounding suburbs that we pickup scrap metal from:

  • Boodua
  • Sabine
  • Silverleigh
  • Greenwood
  • Acland
  • Muldu
  • Devon Park
  • Biddeston
  • Rosalie Plains
  • Balgowan
  • Kelvinhaugh
  • Aubigny
  • Yargullen
  • Highland Plains
  • Mount Irving