Scrap Metal Millmerran

We as Amalgamated Scrap Metal, provide homeowners, businesses, and other organisations scrap metal solutions for your area of Millmerran.

The solutions include picking up and removal of scrap metals for Millmerran, compensation for the scrap metal, and information regarding disposal of waste scrap metal. The process to get us to collect your scrap metal is quite simple.

MillmerranYou give us a call or fill our online form, we will then contact you and arrange for our staff to come and either collect your scrap metal, or provide you with scrap bins to help you collect more scrap metal.

We will come to you, be it your home, place of business, or place of work, collect and weigh the scrap metal, pay for it, and then leave your premises.

We Put our Customers First

Ours is a family owned business that is fully licensed Second Hand Dealers, and we provide an efficient, and competitive service for all types of industries that require scrap metal recycling services.

As a family business, we have made it a tradition to be consistent in the quality and reliability of our services. You don’t have to do any lifting or transportation of the scrap metal. We will come to where you are and do the job ourselves.

We have been able to achieve that through our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They appreciate how much proper recycling contributes to the wellbeing of humanity and conservation of the environment.

Furthermore, we know that you want to earn the true value of your discarded items. That’s why we weigh your scrap metals, and pay you using the best market rates for that particular scrap metal you wish to recycle.

Why Is Recycling Metal Important for Millmerran?

Recycling has become a big part of a more sustainable way to manage our resources and meet our needs for raw materials. It enables us to manage our goals such as reducing the cost of production, reducing of over reliance on limited resources, and minimal use of land uses.

When we talk of recycling, many people think of the three “Rs.” Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle which are associated with plastics, paper, cans, bottles, and cardboards. However, few people think of recycling different metals that such as copper, copper electrical cables, brass, radiators, stainless steel, and electric motors.

The recycling of metal helps to conserve natural resources because we consider scrap metals to be a high quality mine above the ground. A mine that enables us to get the metal we need to make new items at a cost that is just a fraction of what we spend mining natural resources.

If you take copper for example, you save 90% of the energy you could have used by refine it from a virgin ore.

Further, the amount of pollution from recycling is much less when you compare it to that from natural mines and the refining process.

Recycling does not involve the destruction of the earth’s surface to get the ores below the ground surface. It also does not use harmful chemicals to refine ores and get the pure metal needed such as iron, copper, brass, titanium, etc.

Millmerran surround suburbs we provide a scap metal pickup service for:

  • Bulli Creek
  • Turallin
  • Wattle Ridge
  • The Pines
  • Millwood
  • Canning Creek
  • Woondul
  • Wattle Ridge
  • Forest Ridge
  • Rocky Creek
  • Clontarf
  • Bringalily
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Domville
  • Lavelle
  • Lemontree
  • Woondul