Amalgamated Scrap Metal provides a scrap metal recycling solution for your Maryborough business. We pay cash onsite and come to you!

Scrap Metal Maryborough

Are your waste metals piling over and don’t know how to dispose of or reduce them? It is normal to have such worries, and Amalgamated Scrap Metal provides a scrap metal recycling solution for your Maryborough business.

Do not throw away those metals because they can be recycled and make something useful. Minimize your waste with Amalgamated Scrap Metal.

Maryborough QLDThe recycling provinces does not take too much time to prepare; everything has been eased.

We make recycling of metals easy. Are you worried about how to go about it right?

Relax, just drop your scrape metal during the company’s working hours and leave the rest to the professionals. Promote a healthier environment by embracing general recycling.

Recycling saves energy and natural resources. Instead of pilling massive loads of steel into landfills, you can recycle the metals and reuse them; by doing so, you will be conserving the ecosystem.

About Amalgamated Scrap Metal

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a family-owned and friendly business company that offers recycling services for old and scrap metals and steel.

The company is the number one choice with qualified and certified professionals in providing fast, friendly and reliable recycling services.

We are known for our straightforward and honest services offered by the company’s skilled employees.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal has developed and merged with other scrape recyclers in the area. Nowadays, five full benefits are recycling locational paying top dollar for your metal scrap.

The company is licensed and works in full compliance with the federal and state rules concerning metal commodities. These experts are mindful of their surroundings, ensuring that their operations make little impact on the environment as possible.

With the investment of their new five thousand horsepower car shredder, they are committed to steel recycling for years now in Alberta, northwest Edmonton, and ave. The company’s facilities process all kinds of metals and steel.

The working experts have a strong commitment to properly handling the metal and steel materials and meeting the environmental standards set by both the state and the federal government.

Bin services for the removal of all metal types excluding steel

Container services for removing all industrial waste types and taking it to the appropriate disposal center. Pick up services for bigger or smaller loads that need a half a ton, three-quarter ton, or flat deck trucks.

If you are unsure of the containers that can fit your needs, please contact this company’s customer care for more information.

Why choose Amalgamated Scrap Metal?

We are reliable, trustworthy, and have friendly workers, ready to listen and be there at your services. We are certified and licensed to offer recycling services.
We are second hand; license dealers. We offer mobile services, meaning that, if you have any concerns or issues, simply contact them, and they will come to where you are.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal values their client’s time and would not want to bring in any delays; that is why they pay cash on the scrap metals on site.

We weigh and pay immediately, with no delays.

The importance of recycling scrap metal

Currently, recycling is becoming more vital to industries and society. In the sectors, recycling helps attain cost reduction goals, minimized landfill utilization, and adequately managed scarce resources.

Different materials can be recycled, but metals can be recycled several times and reshaped into other new things. Metal recycling saves resources, minimizes pollution, prevents destruction of natural habitats by avoiding the mining of fresh ore, and reduces wastes dumped into landfills.

Scrap metal is a resource that will never deplete because it can be remelted and reshaped into new items several times. The following are the benefits.

Environmental conservation

Scrap metal recycling conserves natural resources by minimizing the greenhouse effects and utilizing minimal energy than making metals from virgin ore. New metals produce a large amount of greenhouse gases than recycled metals. The emissions affect climate change besides causing harmful pollution effects in the air, which might, in turn, result in respiratory problems.

Conserves energy

Using recycles metals conserves a lot of energy when compared to virgin ore.

Economic advantages

Metal recycling boosts the economy of a country by creating job opportunities. Those people who collect the scrapes and those who do the recycling jobs are good examples of job opportunities. The latter also saves money by reducing production costs.

What we buys and sell

The company deals with buying and selling different types of metals and new and used Steel to meet its fabricating needs.

They specifically deal with the following scrap:

1) Copper Electric Cable

2) Copper

3) Brass

4) Electric Motors

5) Radiators

6) Stainless

7) Air conditioning units

8) Batteries

Any questions regarding what the company takes plus the price they give for each material, call us.