Ipswich Scrap Metal Buyers

Here at Amalgamated scrap metal we provide an Ipswich Scrap Metal service that travel to your residence and pay you CASH on site for your scrap.

Scrap metal is any residual metal material derived from product manufacturing or consumption. Unlike other wastes, recycling ensures full recovery of scrap metal. 

Unfortunately, our business does NOT purchase car bodies/parts, steel, or aluminium.

Scrap-Metal-Merchants-in-IpswichIpswich Scrap Metal Merchants at your service

At Amalgamated Scrap metal, we deal with the various kinds of scrap metals.

If you do not know what to do with the pieces of metal lying around your compound or garage, you can dispose them to us, and we will offer money in return.

We specialize in dealing with stainless steel, radiators, brass, electric motors and copper and copper cables. We are a mobile Ipswich Scrap Metal business that can visit your place to collect scrap metal.

Amalgamated Scrap metal is a local family owned business and we aim to reduce scrap metal pollution in the environment. We are friendly to our customers offering excellent rates for your metal waste.

We are second-hand scrap metal license dealers in Ipswich that have been legally authorized to trade in scrap waste.

We do not accumulate debts; we ensure efficiency by paying you on site. Our services are reliable, and we offer trustworthy services and payments based on accurate measurements of weight.

We have a team of friendly staff that is mobile. Under, your permission we can visit your site to collect your scrap waste. You should, therefore, lack worry about the bulkiness and way of transporting metal to our premises.

Importance of scrap metal recycling in Ipswich

Saves energy

Scrap metal finds its way to recycling plants. Melting and remolding metals consume much less energy than it requires extracting metal from their parent ores. The amount of energy saved varies with metal and be up to; 90% for copper and 92% for iron.


The demand for metals is very high due to their numerous and diverse applicability. To the metal requirement, the solution would be to increase the rate of mining. However, this is hardly feasible as it will further contribute to global pollution. At the same time, the world is working to reverse the pollution status. Ore mining is also not economically feasible over a prolonged duration of time. Scrap metal recycling offers a sustainable solution to meet the high demand for metal with minimum pollution.

Infinite recycling

Metals are reused over and over again without losing their essential qualities. The recycling process allows metals to be extracted in their pure form even from their alloys. The cost of metal recycling is cheaper compared to mining from ore because it requires minimal energy. This is economically viable and simultaneously healthy to the environment.

Ipswich surrounding areas we also provide a scrap metal pickup service for:

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  • Amberley
  • Grandchester
  • Haigslea
  • Ironbark
  • Marburb
  • Walloon
  • Willowbank
  • Woolshed
  • Pine Mountain
  • Ashwell
  • Calvert
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  • Thagoona
  • Peak crossing
  • Mount Forbes
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