Goondiwindi Scrap Metal Merchants

6 Reasons why you should trust Amalgamated Scrap Metal as your Goondiwindi Scrap Merchants.

Family Owned and Friendly Business

At Amalgamated scrap metal, we ensure you get friendly service when it comes to buying or selling of scrap metal.

Goondiwindi QLDRemember we're a family-owned business, which means we value long-term business relationships. We know you want the best value for your scrap metal, something we ensure you get.

When you compare our business with others, what you'll get is the best customer care service that provides you with a detailed explanation of how we go about the process of recycling metal.

Reliable and Trustworthy Scrap Metal Recyclers

Our service is reliable and trustworthy, which means you will get the best value for your scrap metal. Relevant industry organizations certify our weighing scales.

Keep in mind other scrap metal dealers won't provide you with the right weighing scales, which results in you getting less than you deserve.

We strive to ensure we are your first choice when it comes to selling your scrap metal. It's one reason why we guarantee you the best deal.

Second Hand License Dealers

Our business is experienced and licensed, meaning you won’t find a better dealer to handle your project. Our expert team members have the best experience in dealing with metals such as copper, brass and air conditioning equipment among others.

It means you should make sure you contact our service if you have these types of metals.

Mobile Scrap Metal Dealers

You don’t have to worry about fuelling your vehicle and loading the scrap metal to bring to our premises. That’s because Amalgamated scrap metal business is a mobile business.

It means you don’t have to worry about property damage in the course of loading pointed leftover metal or about spending your money and effort to come to our site.

The moment you contact us, we agree with you on the best time to arrive at your home or business premises and weigh, pay and collect the metal.

Pay Cash for Scrap Onsite

You may have pressing issues, which means you need a service that pays you cash for your scrap metal on site. Other dealers will ask you to wait for the payment, which means you end up facing payment disputes with them.

By choosing our service, you will have your pay the moment we finish weighing your scrap metal.


Weighing the scrap metal and paying you means you will have a guarantee that you got the best and correct amount of money for your scrap metal.

Its one of the reason many homeowners and businesses prefer dealing with Amalgamated scrap metal.

Your satisfaction means a lot to us, which means our team members ensure they leave your premises after paying you.

Hiring Amalgamated scrap metal business provides you with several benefits as the above informative article about our services shows.

Remember we pay cash on site and offer you the best rates for your scrap metal.

Make sure you contact us today to enable us to come to your site, weigh your scrap metal and pay you onsite.

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