Scrap Metal Emerald

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal business that are a family owned business. We provide an Emerald Scrap Metal Buyers service and pay your for your scrap on site.

You probably have a Emerald-Scrap-mercantslot of scrap metals in your  home  or site and you are just wondering how to dispose it.

Don’t worry. You will not just dispose it but also be paid handsomely for your valuable scrap metals.

We are a company that specialises in collecting scrap metal from  people’s homes  and deliver them to factories where they are recycled and used to manufucture new products.

Unfortunately, we do NOT purchase any steel, car bodies/parts, or aluminium.

We  have established a good reputation  in providing the best mobile scrap metal collection service for Emerald.

This is why we have many customers. Our services are mobile and hence we come to your business or residence and pickup your scrap for cash.

We shall give you further details about our mobile scrap metal business but first, let’s understand the importance  of recycling scrap metals.

Why Amalgamated Scrap Metal?

Mobile Scrap Metal Recyclers

Amalgamated Scrap Metal understand that metals are heavy and bulky. For this reason, we are a mobile service to cater for this.

There is no need to worry about how you will deliver your Metals to our site. All you need is to contact us, and we will visit your place to collect your scrap metal.

Cash on delivery

With Amalgamated Scrap Metal, you do not wait a few days or a week to get your payments. We will pay CASH FOR YOUR SCRAP. It is important to note that the price of scrap metal fluctuates.

Some metals that Amalgamated Scrap Metal will purchase from you:


Copper finds a wide application because of its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is highly resistant to corrosion and offers excellent workability.

Copper is a valuable metal used in electronics, automobile and construction industries.

Copper is common in plumbing and refrigeration appliances: Air conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators. You can find copper in plumbing pipes, standard electric wires, in air conditioners and roofing materials such as gutters.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal buyers deals in copper electrical cables. Copper is among the most valuable metals to recycle and can thus earn you some real money.


Brass metal finds numerous applications in homes. You can find brass scrap metal in HVAC projects. HVAC repairs often involve removal of parts and materials that no longer function.

Examples include furnaces, water heaters, radiators, and other replacement parts.

You can also find brass in plumbing fixtures including faucets, valves, pumps, and some piping. Other things made of brass include keys, light fixtures, door handles and some bathroom fixtures.

Musical instruments such as saxophones, trumpet, tube, and horn are made of brass metal. Brass is heavy and can easily add weight to your collection of scrap metal.

Electric Motors

A variety of appliances and items contain electric motors. Examples include computers, vacuums, air conditioners, ceiling fans, washing machines, engines, microwave, etc. electric motors fetch good prices as scrap metals because of their weight and amount of copper they contain.


Radiators are the parts used for cooling various appliances and machines. Radiators are made of different materials such as copper, and brass. Radiators are different in materials; you can find brass radiators and heater cores.

Whether we come to your place or you deliver at our site, Amalgamated Scrap Metal will always weigh and pay immediately with cash. If you have a load of scrap metal in your garage or backyard, you can easily convert it to cash with Amalgamated Scrap Metal.

Unfortunately we do NOT purchase any aluminium, steel, or car bodies/parts.

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