Dalby Scrap Metal Buyers

Amalgamated Scrap Metal will come to you in your area of Dalby instead of you having to go through the trouble of loading up your haul and bringing it to another location. This is a big reason to do business with a Dalby Mobile Scrap metal merchant.

Recycling is fast gaining ground in the contemporary society. The industry is growing both in popularity and significance. The three R’s of recycling, that is, reducing, reusing and recycling, are the pillars upon which recycling leans upon.

More so, the demand for the metal resources is rising each year. Amalgamated Srap Metal industry is on the frontline these services efficiently some importance.

No need to go out of your way. You simply call to schedule an appointment and our friendly crew will come to your residence, weigh your scrap, and pay you cash onsite. It's that easy.

If you decide to do business with us we will give you a fair market price. That's it, no hassles, no worries.

Amalagamated Scrap Metal buys most scrap metal but they do NOT accept car bodies, steel, or aluminium.

Pay Cash For Scrap Onsite in Dalby

When you call Amalagamated Scrap Metal you don't have to worry about having to cash a cheque. We will be ready with cash on hand. Once you decide if you want to cash in your scrap metal you will have cash in hand right away. No having to wait or inconveniences. There really is no better way to turn in your scrap metal for cash in hand right away.

When you are ready to do business with the best then you need to call Amalagamated Scrap Metal. We are a full-service scrap company that will buy the following:

Copper Electric Cable

They buy most of your regular wiring of all sizes.


Copper is highly sought after so if you have scrap copper laying around be sure to call Acme to come out and give you an offer on the spot.


Many people have brass scrap from home remodeling laying around. Don't throw it out. Have Acme come to you and pay you cash for your scrap brass.

Electric Motors

Acme accepts various sizes of electric motors of all types. If you have a broken electric motor don't send it to the landfill. Cash in on your broken motors by calling Acme Scrap Metal.


If you have a broken radiator laying around you can turn it into cash you can use today. Don't throw it away, recycle it today.


Many people have a good bit of stainless laying around taking up space. You can give it new life by recycling it and getting paid cash today without any hassles.

If you want more information and prices for your Dalby Scrap metal don't hesitate to call their friendly staff. They will be happy to answer any questions about their services that you may have. If you are interested in having them come out you can schedule an appointment for your convenience.

Don't struggle with trying to get scrap metal to the recycling center, have them come to you and take all of the work out of recycling your scrap metal. 

Reasons to recycle your scrap metal in Dalby


Creation of new mines to service the metal industry only contributes to environmental pollution. Increasing the rate of mining hastens the pace at which the resource gets exploited.

Aware of the rising demand for metals in the world, it is only feasible to take care of the future through recycling. While serving the current demand, recycling also helps to take care of tomorrow.

This can only be done by using the current resources economically. By recycling, a huge amount of metal resources are saved. 

Economic development

The recycling industry is labor intensive. This is a good avenue for job creation. Although the recycling jobs require different levels of skills and training, all the workforce gets paid, and the overall effect is that the gross domestic product increases.

Moreover, the country saves on the cost of mining which could have taken place on the mining site. The revenue saved, therefore, is channeled to an alternative income earning activity.

Energy conservation

Recycling means lessening the demand for natural resources. More of it is left unexploited for the sake of the future. According to research, recycling of copper saves up to 90% of the energy.

Reduction of emissions

The actual extraction of minerals from their field produces emissions in large amounts. Recycling of scrap metals reduces these emissions to a manageable level.

Mining results in environmental hazards such as poisonous runoffs, physical scars or groundwater pollution. These environmental wounds may take longer to heal. On the other hand, recycling helps to prevent this wound as it requires less energy intensive fuels. 

Why choose Amalgamated Scrap Metal as your Dalby Scrap Metal business?

The application and use of scrap metals stand out to be the best measure for reducing the over-reliance of mined metals as the main source of metals in the industry.

The use of recycled metals has reduced the burden on the energy industry. The recycling industry has also serviced the economic aspect. The scrap metal sellers have had a good reason to smile after every compensation for the sale of these recycle resources.

Also, there is a clean environment that results from scrapping off scrap metals from their dumped sites.

Overall, scrap metal recycling is one of the best waste management means. It is only wise for you to choose from the best metal recycling company.

With Amalgamted Scrap Metal as your choice, you are in the safe hands. 

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