Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal business servicing Chinchilla and the surrounding areas. At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, the scrap metal is recycled. These metals include copper, stainless steel, and brass. Amalgamated Scrap Metal deals with the named metals. In addition to these metals, Amalgamated Scrap Metal also deals with electric cable, electric motors, radiators and stainless steel.

Chinchilla Scrap Metal Buyers

In the world of recycling and salvage, scrap metal businesses are depended upon to gather, collect and also make a delivery of these metal for further use in other fields and consumption.

Scrap metal is the old waste, discarded metallic products or assemblies made up metal which has reached the end of its use in the particular industry. Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal business servicing Chinchilla and the surrounding areas. We come to your premises and weigh and pay you for your scrap metal.

ChinchillaAt Amalgamated Scrap Metal, the scrap metal is recycled reducing the amount of ore drilling throughout the world. These metals include stainless steel, electric motors, radiators, copper, and brass.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal deals with the named metals. In addition to these metals, Amalgamated Scrap Metal also deals with electric cable, electric motors, radiators and stainless steel.

We do NOT purchase aluminium, car bodies/parts, or steel.

We recycle Scrap Metal for Chinchilla

Amalgamated Scrap Metal takes into account the importance of recycling metal such as:

  • The production of high quality metal which can be re-used.
  • The recycling of metals saves energy and protects the environment as there is less use of natural resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It should be noted that the earth’s resources are finite.

We are also happy to reduce the amount of chemical emissions into the ozone layer which may influence climate change, and may cause harmful levels of air pollution resulting in potential respiratory health for most people who have been exposed mostly in the cities.

The industry also employs people and develops the economy of the country. Moreover, it also improves the standards of living of the employees. The recycling business positively affects the trade balances.

It also reduces waste and hence leads to space production.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is reliable as it comes to the customer; this is therefore why it`s referred to as a Chinchilla mobile scrap metal business.

We are not only trustworthy for the delivery of its services but also friendly both in terms of costs which are affordable and also the customer service offered to the consumers or rather the clients interested in the scrap metal.

We are a family owned business and can also be categorized as a friendly business as the commodity trading pricings are favorable to its customers and the clients.

As required by the legislation, every scrap metal dealer is mandated to have a license which has been issued by the council. This aims at ensuring material tractability. We are a holder of this second hand license thus ensuring that it can safely operate as a mobile scrap metal business under the new regulations put in place by the council.

Our service delivery is efficient for our clients

At Amalgamated Scrap Metal the service delivery system is prompt. We come to your site and are paid cash for your scrap and obtain a receipt as proof of payment. Moreover, a copy of the receipt is to be maintained for proper documentation and also to enhance transparency within the business.

All customers and clients are to be served fairly. We always value your feedback with respect to our service to you.

To add on the numerous advantages of choosing us as your preferred scrap metal business, it`s also a mobile business hence the slogan Amalgamated scrap metal business comes to you.

This is facilitated by the availability of several trucks and utility trailers for transportation to meet the demands of you – our valuable client.

One may not need their scrap metal lying around your Chinchilla business or compound but that doesn’t mean that they are not of any use. Contact us today for scrap collection. Dumping metal is a complete waste. Not only is the material not being re used but also the metallic particles spread on the earth`s surface causing havoc and imbalance in the ecosystem.

Reasons to recycle Scrap Metal

However, one of the best reasons to recycle metal is that one saves money due to the reduction in the cost to produce new metal items.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal accepts general metal items which have been discussed earlier. To qualify for the our Chinchilla scrap metal pickup service, metal items must be of significant quantity to make it worth our while.

We do not pick up Car bodies.

We also provide Scrap Metal Services for Roma and the following areas around Chinchilla: