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Amalgamated Scrap Metal are licensed scrap metal buyers that weigh and pay for your scrap onsite in your area of Caloundra. We pay you CASH instantly!

Caloundra QLDWhen choosing the best scrap metal buyer, you need to consider several factors. That’s because you need a service that offers you the best prices for your valuable scrap metal, and pays you promptly.

You may have urgent financial needs, which means that you want scrap buyers who will weigh your used metal within your home's yard and pay you with cash. Our service provides you the following benefits.

Family Owned and Friendly Business

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a family owned and friendly business, which means that satisfying you is our primary objective.

We ensure that we carefully inspect and sort all of your metals using the latest technology to handle fabrication and recycling. If you've any questions about our processes, our specialists will ensure that you get the correct answers.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Our team members use honest and trustworthy weighing scales, which ensure that you get the best earnings from your scrap metal. Our employees follow the industry standards, meaning that they follow the correct and safety procedures when dealing with scrap metal.

Second-Hand License Dealers

We're experienced and licensed, which means that our service is the best scrap metal buyer around. It means that one call to use is what you need to do, and we'll take care of your needs within a short period.

Pay Cash for Scrap Onsite

You don’t need to wait for your payments. The reason is that we offer you cash payments for your scrap metal. Remember that we understand that you may have emergency financial needs, which means that you may need money on an urgent basis. We provide you with the best prices within your locality, the result being that you'll choose us as your long-term recycler.

Come To You (Mobile)

We come to you, which is one service that other recyclers may not offer you. It means that by choosing us, you’ll save money on fuel costs, in addition to avoiding injuries or damage to your property as you try to load scrap metal to bring it to recyclers.


Our service will weigh your scrap metal within your yard, meaning that you get the correct amount of money. Keep in mind that other dealers insist on doing the weighing on their metal yards, which results in payment disputes.

Scrap Metal we buy:

At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, we specifically deal with :

  • Copper Electric Cable
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Electric Motors
  • Radiators
  • Stainless
  • Air conditioning Units

Remember that we don’t accept steel, car bodies or aluminum.

The above information about our services should make it easy for you to hire us as your scrap metal recycler. Bear in mind that we offer you several benefits if you choose to deal with us, for example, coming to your home and paying you immediately with cash.

For the best outcome, contact Amalgamated Scrap Metal to enable you to find out about our quotes.

Recycling has become increasingly important in the society. Most industries are doing their production with consideration in recycling upfront. It has ended up in a variety of impacts to the general society and industry at large.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are on the frontline in delivering the services efficiently. Recycling has caused a reduction in the waste materials. Many people are accustomed to using the three R’s of reducing, reusing and recycling to include materials other than metals.

Benefits of recycling Scrap Metals

The importance of scrap metals can be categorized into different categories, that is, environmental, energy conservation, and economic benefits.

Environmental benefits

Making metals from virgin ore tends to emit more greenhouse gas than the one used in recycling. The manufacture of new metals releases a far greater amount of greenhouse gas that eventually becomes hazardous to the environment, unlike recycled metals.

These emissions are harmful to the environment in that they may influence climate negatively. The pollutions in the cities may become detrimental.

As a result of these emissions, respiratory problems may crop up. By using scrap metals, these hazardous acts are highly reduced.

Economic advantage

Recycling helps preserve resources, which are economically scarce. Recycling also means that the government can save money, which could have otherwise been used in the exploitation of these resources.

The money is thus channeled to an alternative source of revenue earning activity.

Energy conservation

Colossal amounts of energy are saved through various means of recycling metals. In comparison to pure metals from ore, recycled metals will cut down the amount of energy to be used.