Scrap Metal Brisbane

If you are looking for a licensed and reputable Brisbane Scrap Metal business then Amalgamated Scrap Metal is the business you can rely on. If you have old metal you have lying around then you may have wondered where you can bring it?

You may even hesitate because transporting scrap metal can be a pain and is labor intensive. If this has been holding you back then you need to know about Amalgamated Scrap Metal. We will come to you, and pay you cash on site. This will make the whole process easier and you will love the fact that you don't have to lift a finger to earn some extra cash.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is not only profit oriented business; we are also committed to maintaining our environments at better standards and improving the living standards of residents especially those who make profits selling to us scrap metals.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal has hired several employees who move around buying scrap metals. We are highly mobile and move from one household to another purchasing the scrap metals. Payments are made on site when exchange is done.

We do NOT purchase any aluminium, steel, or car bodies/parts.

Brisbane-Scrap-MetalWhy Recycle Scrap Metal in Brisbane?

Recycling is more important than ever. Don't let perfectly usable metal take up space in landfills or pollute the environment. You can do your part to help keep the earth clean and also help to create new and useful things that are made from recycled metal.

Recycling not only helps keep industries supplied with usable material but it also helps your wallet too. If you can do your part and get paid to do it, then why wouldn't you?

We are a Local Business

When you do business with a Scrap Metal merchant in Brisbane, it is important to feel comfortable with the employees and owners. Building great customer relationships is a priority for Amalgamated Scrap Metal. We are a family owned business and we take service seriously.

Our goal is to help you get rid of your scrap metal and make sure that you get paid fairly right away. We want to leave you with a positive experience and hope that you would like to do business with us in the future.

Once you do business with Amalgamated Scrap Metal and see how easy it really is to turn in your scrap metal you will want to tell your family and friends so that they can take advantage of this great opportunity too.

Trustworthy Scrap Metal Merchants

When you do business with Amalgamated Scrap Metal you can be sure to expect not only a friendly experience but a reliable one as well.

We will come and give you the best price and take care of your scrap metal without any issues and will make you feel at ease about having us come to you.

Don't do business with a fly by night so called company. Be sure that you are doing business with a legitimate and professional company that is licensed and takes their jobs and customer satisfaction seriously.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal will work hard earn to earn your trust and they won't let you down. Be sure to call us when you have a load of scrap metal that you need to get rid of.

License Second Hand Scrap Metal Dealers for Brisbane

When you deal with a scrap company it is important to make sure that they have the proper licenses and credentials.

We are a genuine Brisbane scrap metal recyclers company that you can trust. If you don't do business with a reputable company that is licensed you run the risk of having a very negative experience.

Unfortunately, some people that claim to be a scrap service will take advantage of customers and may even take advantage of vulnerable customers. You don't want shady individuals on your property.

If you use Amalgamated Scrap Metal you can be assured that you are doing business with a trustworthy and properly licensed company that will give you a fair price and create a positive experience for you.  

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metals has both environmental and economic benefits which we are going to look separately here below.

Environmental Benefits

Everybody is entitled to live in a clean environment free of pollution. Several agencies, Legislative laws and other bodies are championing environmental maintenance. Here are some of the environmental benefits realized when scrap metals are recycled:

Reduction of solid wastes

Solid wastes not collected forms bulk materials which results to landfills. This will create dirty environments and create a cool environment for mosquito’s bleeding. These bulk wastes will also reduce the land which can be used for agricultural purposes. Recycling of these wastes will reduce the landfills, leaving a good space for agricultural practices.

Reduces toxic chemical leaching

Wastes such as electronic devices pose significant pollution; they contain toxic substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium which cause toxic chemical leaching in the surrounding environment.

This toxic causes soil pollution and water pollution which is hazardous to plants, aquatic and land animals. Recycling will reduce these electronic wastes thus reduces hazardous risk associated with their inappropriate disposal.

Energy conservation

Ore mined from the ground consume more energy smelting them into useful resources as compared to recycling metals. Melting down scrap wastes and reshaping them into finished products consumes less energy.


Reduces greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gasses are currently the greatest risk affecting our environment. Smelting of ore requires large amount of energy which accelerates emission of poisonous gasses into the atmosphere which causes the green house effects.

Greenhouse effects have caused devastating effects to global climates, thus resulting to global warming. Recycling of scrap metals will help to reduce risks associated with global warming.Brisbane Scrap Metal Recycling

Reduces precious resource mining

Mining and recycling is a process substitute of each other; if you don’t recycle you will be forced to mine ore and process it to get the required metal.

Mining causes detrimental effects like destroying the physical environment and the naturally occurring habitats that were previously there. Mining can also cause soil erosion and pollution; this will have negative effects especially in agricultural practicing areas.

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are dedicated to recycling Brisbane's scrap metal.

Economic Benefits of Recycling

Apart from environmental benefits realised from recycling, there are economic part of it which include;

Creation of employment

This is a labour intensive method. Many people are employed to collect scrap metals from one homestead to another, others are employed in the industry to smelt and reshape the metals, while others are employed as middlemen and others as wholesales who deal with the end products.

All this processes create employment which wouldn’t be created if the scrap was put in incinerators and landfill.

Creation of employment has absorbed many people into recycling industries and this has reduced dependency ratio especially by youths who are the majority workers.

Creation of profits

Business such as Amalgamated Scrap Metal provide a Brisbane Mobile Scrap Metal service and travels from one residence or business to another collecting scrap. They collect these scrap at a fee which they give to the owners of these scrap.

The money realised by the owners is part of additional incomes which would otherwise not have been realised if the scrap was incinerated.

Earns revenue

Many countries have reaped large revenues from exporting recycled materials. Business which also deals with recycling of scrap metals are charged some levy by the government; these levy is a source of government revenue.

Economic development

Revenues collected by the government are used to develop the country. The government allocated budget is meant to support the scrap metal business.

The government does these by providing loans to these businesses at low interest rates which fosters economic development.

Price adjustments

The price of a new product shaped from virgin ore tends to be more expensive compared to a substitute product produced from recycled scrap. If most people recycled their metals regularly, there would be almost enough scrap to supply us with end products which are less costly.

These would increase our living standards because we will spend less when purchasing recycled products.

Scrap metals as we have seen has both economic and environmental benefits. Throwing away metals and dumping them seems easier, but if you learn the benefits of recycling you will have to think differently.

Don’t waste your scrap metal, you can call us at Amalgamated Scrap Metal to collect your metals and you will earn yourself extra profits.

We also provide Scrap Metal pickup for the Gold Coast offering the same quality reliable service that pays Cash onsite.