Blackwater Scrap Metal Merchant

Amalgamated Scrap Metal dealers are family owned business that provide a scrap metal service for the Blackwater area. This means that the business has been in operation for quite a long time.

Blackwater QLDThe advice from the team is thus professional. The family is constantly involved in improving the customer’s welfare. The length of time the company has been in operation equates to the experience and reputation of the service providers.

Reliable, trustworthy, and friendly

Business deals become incredibly essential when partners involved are trustworthy persons. Amalgamated Scrap Metal dealers pride itself in providing trustworthy, reliable, and friendly services.

The quality of these services is not affected by seasons or time of the day in which they are being offered.

The services are always at par irrespective of time. The positive reviews from the customer tell it all. The place of work and the working conditions are guided by the safety policy. There are professional ethics in every business transaction and workers are well taken care of.

Second-hand license dealers

Any business will require a license to run. We do not operate in isolation. They are licensed to deal in second- hand metals. The license gives the business the full rights of existence. It is a proof that the company liaises with the environment agency and laws.

Mobile (comes to you)

Sometimes it is hectic transporting the scrap metals. Amalgamated Scrap Metal understands this truth. That is why they are ready to come and pick the scraps at your site.

They will come to your site to pick the scrap metals from homes, workplaces or any other place you direct them.

This will save the client a great deal of time. The company’s flexibility is the contributor towards this advantage.

They will offer the service to your door, and this makes them a unique company. There is room for further clarification offered through a line that is always on.

This gives client freedom to call, just in case you are in a fix or need help. All this is fuelled by the high level of commitment and reliability displayed by the company.

Pays cash for scrap metals onsite

Flexibility remains when it comes to remunerations and payment. They are conscious of the joy that bubbles out of prompt payment after work.

The committed Amalgamated Scrap Metal dealers will come to your premises to make payments. They do it on a cash basis. You do not have to wait for long to get paid.

Weigh and pay immediately

Every transaction carried out by Amalgamated Scrap Metal is fair and just. It is rational for you to get paid for the service you offer.

Thus, your patience for keeping the scrap metals, rather than disposing the of gets equal compensation here. You do not have to stay long enough with the scrap metals on the site or at home.

You can make a call to the Amalgamated Scrap Metal  to come and strike the deal. Each coin you get is equivalent to the amount of scrap you offer in return.

Compensation is done based on the weight amount.

Scrap Metals we buy

Amalgamated Scrap Metal does not handle all scrap metals. They have specified in specific types of metals that works well with them.

They will specifically deal with the following sets of scrap metals:

  • copper electric cables
  • brass
  • electronic motors
  • radiators
  • copper
  • air conditioning units
  • stainless
  • batteries

Amalgamated scrap metal dealers do not purchase car bodies or parts. Neither does it accept steel or aluminum.