ESK Scrap Metal Pickup

Amalgamated Scrap Metal are a mobile scrap metal pickup business that travel to your ESK site where we weigh and pay you CASH for your scrap.

There are hidden treasures in scrap metal. That heap of old metallic items could fetch you some good cash as well as help clean your store or compound.

The business is also environmental friendly as it helps remove the non- biodegradable metallic waste from the ecosystem.

Importance of Recycling in ESK

Recycling of scrap metal helps businesses to reduce cost of production. The metals can be melted and reused at a cost that is way below that of using virgin metals.

As the metals are reused, pollution of the environment is also reduced making it an important aspect of environmental conservation.

ESK QLDBenefits of recycling can therefore be broken into two. The economic and environmental benefits as discussed below.

Economic benefits

According to Research, recycling of scrap metals creates 6 times more jobs than dumping the scrap to a landfill and 36 times more jobs than incinerating the scrap metal.

The jobs are direct when the scrap metals are sold to dealers like Amalgamated Scrap Metal and indirect when the recycled metals find their way to industries.

Many people are making cash out of only collecting and gathering the scrap metals. Industries on the other hand cut the cost of production by almost 30% when they use scrap metals.

Environmental benefits

In recent years, the world has been grappling with the effects of greenhouse effect. Industrial emissions are the largest contributors to global warming.

Recycling metals comes as a good relief as it reduces carbon emission from industries since it requires less energy to recycle than to deal with virgin metals.

Landfill pollution is also reduced when the metals are reused. It also reduces destruction of habitats which comes from mining new ores. The energy saved through recycling can be put into other use thus conserving forests which help in carbon dioxide absorption.

Why Work With Amalgamated Scrap Metal

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is a family owned and operated business. We have been offering fast, reliable and friendly services to our clients.

Client satisfaction has been our core value. At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, we love to see you grow and do more business with us.

As Second Hand License Dealers, we are Reliable, Trustworthy and friendly business partner. Our terms are geared to establishing a lasting business relationship with you. Take a look,

We Come To You

Amalgamated Scrap Metal is mobile and will come and get the scrap metals from you. With us coming to you, we save you the hassle of looking for a buyer as well as save you the transport costs.

The saved cash will help you expand your business. You will also not need to secure a transportation permit, making us your first choice dealer.

As pointed earlier, we are very friendly and we are ready to extend this friendship to your premises. When we say we are reliable, we mean exactly that. We will visit you at your contingency and have no words like failure in our operations.

Cash Payment

Our payment system is very convenient for you. We appreciate the importance of cash flow in a business, and therefore, we make cash payment for scrap on site.

The cash can also be deposited directly into your bank account. At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, we ensure you do not experience the anxiety of waiting for payment processing.

With the instant payment, your business will never slow down due to cash flow challenges. You are also able to meet other financial obligations on time, which makes the cash payment very convenient for you.

Weigh and Pay onsite

Weight has been a big challenge to scrap metal dealers especially the small scale dealers. Unscrupulous middlemen often shortchange small scale dealers by using substandard weighing machines.

At Amalgamated Scrap Metal, trust is our priority when we come to your site. We use standard weighing machines that ensure you are paid for every gram you deliver.

We respect your business and everything that keeps it going. Once the weighing is done, the payment is made by cash. You don’t have to wait to sign delivery notes or send invoice to us. It is that easy.

Scrap To Have On Site

We deal in most scrap metals. Our list of interest include, Copper electric cable, Copper, Brass, Electric motors, Radiators, Stain less, Air condition units and Batteries. We do not deal in Car Bodies or Parts, Steel, or Aluminium.