Scrap Metal Bundaberg

Are you searching for the best Scrap Metal buyers in your area of Bundaberg? Amalgamated Scrap Metal provide a mobile service to your area where we weigh and pay for your scrap on site.

What is Scrap Metal?

When it comes to recycling metal, it’s important to know that there are two types of scrap metal; that’s the nonferrous and ferrous metal. Ferrous metal consists of some amounts of iron, while nonferrous metal doesn’t contain iron as a component. Ferrous metal is reused at a much higher volume, but nonferrous metal offers you greater market earnings.

Bundaberg QLDOne reputable business that recycles metals is Amalgamated Scrap Metal. We value long-term business relationships with our customers.

Our company offers you several benefits if you choose to hire us as your metal recycling service. However, we don’t deal with steel, aluminum and car bodies.

The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metal

For most businesses, they may find it easy to throw away unwanted scrap metal rather than recycling them.

However, what you should bear in mind is that if you choose to sell it to us, you’ll get to earn money while contributing to conserving the environment.

Below are 5 reasons why you should recycle metal.

Price Adjustments

One important reason for recycling metal is that it saves you money. Remember that if most people recycled metal regularly, it could lead to the reduction of the cost of items such as canned foods, which need to be packaged in cans.

The result is that consumers will save money, which they can use to take care of other needs.

Economic Development

One place that the government can save money is in recycling metals. It can then use the money to improve many areas of the economy, for example, by providing loans to businesses. The result will be increased job opportunities for the local population, therefore raising the living standards.

Enables You to Preserve Natural Resources

By choosing to sell your scrap metal to us, you’ll assist in the preserving of natural resources while reducing the use of resources within your home. For instance, you’ll use fewer bin bags, which helps in conserving the environment.

Reduces Emissions

One major contributor to global warming is the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. By recycling your used metal, you’ll aid in reducing carbon emissions, which in turn reduces the pollution levels in the air.

Keep in mind that we can’t undo the damage that has been already done, but we can prevent further damage by recycling metal, which reduces wastage.

Manage Our Energy Consumption

Recycling scrap metal lessens the demand for natural resources, for example, ore.

Remember that it takes less energy to recycle metal that it takes to mine ore, proceed to purify it and in shaping it. According to studies, 90% of the energy that's used in mining copper could be saved. On the other hand, we can save 56% of the energy that we use in mining steel. It’s one of the important reason that you should recycle scrap metal.